510 Vape Battery

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The V-Mod is the new button-activated vape battery by VapMod. It has a simple square shape and a relatively large-sized button that’s easy to press for convenient user control. Button activation also means the V-Mod has the ability to pre-warm your oil before the first hit, so the pull is smooth and easy from the start without the need to prime it like inhale-activated vapes.

Key features:

  • Button-activated for maximum control and pre-heating
  • Strong battery with long life and thick vapor output
  • Three different power levels so you can customize the experience
  • Intuitive and responsive design

Product Information

This piece measures 49x49x14mm and weighs a hefty 84g, but it still travels really well in your pocket. The V-Mod is very easy to use, just screw the included connector on to any 510-threaded cartridge like the CCell TH2, pop it into the vape battery, and you’re all set. Turn the V-Mod on with five clicks and the light will flash for two seconds. There are three power settings – green is 2.6, yellow is 3.3, and red is 4.1V for those who feel like living on the edge. Five more clicks will turn it back off with one flash of the light. This battery is a monster at 900mAh and the manufacturer rates it for 600 puffs. The light indicates battery power with green being fully charged, yellow meaning it’s halfway down, and red to warn power is low and it needs to be charged via the included USB. Like its smaller sibling the Magic 710, the V-Mod sets itself apart from the pack with added capabilities including protection from overcharge, overcurrent, short circuit and overvoltage, and over-discharge. This feature set makes the V-Mod one of the most advanced vapes in its category. It even includes one refillable cartridge to get you started!

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