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Fresh frozen premium BC grown flower is washed through various stages of bubble bags, the live bubble hash is then scientifically dehydrated removing all moisture. The product is then prepped into a 36 – 72 micron bag and pressed from 160 – 225 degrees F to create our live Hash after rosin.

“A solventless extract highly sought after due to the high cannabinoid and terpene retention of the fresh frozen flower, live rosin is rosin made from fresh frozen buds.”

While flowers that were frozen directly after being harvested are considered “live,” to get to live rosin, you’ll need to first make ice hash with the fresh from plant material. If the resulting ice hash concentrate falls between a one- and four-star rating, it can be placed into a bag and put through the rosin production process to create live rosin. The end result is a strong and flavorful pure concentrate.”

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